Why do you work exclusively with fake diploma website content?

Many sites found it difficult to upload their material to particular video sharing sites due to the content of their work. For this reason, FakeDiploma.video giving these webmasters a place to share and stream their video content is import.

What if I could like to add my site’s video to your streaming service?

Please contact us, our staff will go over our hosting options.

What is the cost to host videos on your site.

It depends on several factors including the size of the video, it’s file type, and how much traffic the video receives. We also do offer bulk packaging for clients with multiple videos.

How long after submitting videos are they live and capable of being streamed on my own website?

The process usually takes 24 hours to upload a video and have it prepared to be launched and shared on multiple platforms. Although the process can often take place much faster depending on the circumstances.